Self-Advocacy@Work helps autistic people navigate the world of employment, understand workplace rights and develop self-advocacy skills.


Self Advocacy


Knowing your rights, having a plan, speaking up and developing a skillset around advocacy...

My rights and entitlements

Work is more than a paycheck or an office job...

Disability in the workplace

Appropriate representation, disclosure and supports are important to workplace wellbeing....
About Us
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The Self-Advocacy@Work Project

More than one third of autistic people in Australia are unemployed or underemployed. Research by the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network of Australia and New Zealand (ASAN AUNZ) showed that most autistic people wanted resources for self-advocacy in employment.  


To this end, the Self-Advocacy@Work Project was created and run by the Sylvia Rodger Academy, an initiative of Autism CRC. Our vision is to see autistic people with quality of life and opportunity.


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